Recruitment agencies remain a firm favourite with job-seekers



Since the birth of the Internet, the recruitment industry has undeniably changed. Recruiters have easier access to candidates through social media and job seekers can now apply for jobs themselves through online job boards and LinkedIn.


Recruitment agencies all around the world understandably panicked - surely this is the end of us? Believe it or not however, everyone trying their own stint at recruitment made companies and candidates alike realise the value of recruitment agencies, their knowledge of current hiring trends, their well-connected networks and their access to the hidden employment market.


It’s not just the Internet that recruitment agencies have managed to conquer either. A survey, published last year, revealed that HR Directors are still favouring more traditional methods of recruiting through an agency over referrals and word of mouth. What exactly are the benefits of using a recruitment agency if you’re in the market for a new job however?



It may seem easy to match people to jobs but it really isn’t. Sure, a company can hire anyone with the relevant skills and qualifications but ensuring the person is going to be happy and fulfilled in that role is a completely different story. Getting the right cultural match is vital and this is a skill that recruitment agencies have developed from many years of experience.


Employers have really started to understand the value of hiring people who may not be their perfect match on paper but will fit in with the team and the company’s values perfectly. Unfortunately, you can’t tell from an online job posting what a company would be like to work for but you can trust than an agency will never put you forward for a role they think would make you miserable.


Employers trust them

If a recruitment agency believes that you are right for a role, they will do everything they can to sell you into that company. When you apply for jobs yourself you don’t have anyone to back you up and when competition is fierce, it can be almost impossible to get noticed.


If you were a hiring manager what do you think would capture your attention? An overflowing pile of CVs which pretty much all say the same thing or a phone call from someone singing a candidate’s praises?


They have access to the hidden employment market

Not every company likes to publicise when they’re recruiting which means that there are hundreds of jobs you could be perfect for but you will never know about. Recruitment agencies have access to the hidden employment market and they know about jobs that aren’t being advertised online. It’s well worth registering with a few and letting them know you’re interested in hearing about opportunities that are being kept quiet.


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