The benefits of using Orbis Consultants



You don't need to work in recruitment to appreciate the generic ‘recruitment consultant’ stereotype.  It’s something similar to a car salesman, estate agents and irritating cold callers – and hearing the feedback from some candidates, it’s not hard to see where we get this reputation.

So yes, it is, most definitely agreed that there are less than reputable recruiters out there. Often throwing random CV’s out to clients with no real knowledge of the role or the candidate, and hoping one will stick.  Not exactly how you viewed your carefully constructed CV going out to a prospective employer, was it? 

But are we all actually that bad? I’d like to think not. I’d like to think at Orbis we try to rectify this perception and take the time to listen to you, the time to present you with candidates, or even roles, that match your requirements or skill-sets. 

Anyone who has spent time looking for a new role, knows that doing it properly and monitoring the market is a full time job, especially given the variety of different channels you can use! 

Even if you have your CV up-to-date and ready to go, you often find the need to tailor it for each application you make, meaning you make less than half the applications you could do in the time you have. 

So what can Orbis do to help you?

We advise you on your CV, and do your covering letter and application for you

A good consultant, an Orbis consultant, will always take the time to discuss your CV structure along with content, offering advice on how best to represent yourself on paper. Initially, we will speak with you about your background and current position, along with your expectations going forward.  With all of this information in mind, each job you’re put forward for, will have a tailored summary (like a covering letter) about you and your suitability for the role.  It is with this information that we are able to ‘sell’ you to the client, something that you would not have been able to do if applying yourself.

In terms of the type of agency you use, it is often better to look to a more specialist recruitment firm that focuses on a number of specific areas. Orbis specialises in Technology, meaning we are more likely to have a wider range of specific roles in the area you require. If you submit your CV to specialist agencies directly, your profile will get circulated internally, and end up with the consultant most relevant to you.   

Often we are given roles which are not yet advertised, offering you a chance to apply before the wider market gets to them

Not all jobs are advertised straight away. Some are not even advertised at all. Those consultants with excellent relationships with their clients and a good track record, will often be given a role up to a week before it hits the market.  Sometimes we even receive a role on an entirely exclusive basis altogether.

At Orbis, our Consultants will often have a carefully curated network of good candidates lined up for roles, should they be released. Often it is these people who are called first, sometimes the second after a role goes live.

It’s always good to have someone on your side, keeping an eye on the market for you on your behalf – it means that some of the work is done for you, allowing you to focus on the important stuff – i.e. interviews!

We are able to speak to a client directly about your profile and suitability, in most cases getting you an interview you may not have otherwise secured

Applying directly to a role via a company’s website can often mean your profile sits on a portal, sometimes getting lost in the ether.  

One of the benefits of an Orbis consultant, is the time we take to build strong relationships with our clients.  Of course, process can vary from organisation to organisation, but at Orbis, we’ll present your skills and strengths to clients when making your application. 

Perhaps the most crucial part of the process, is the feedback given and received post interview.  Immediately after an interview, I always call or meet with the candidate, listen to your thoughts and maybe even reservations.  Following a catch up with the client, we will always give you feedback – and if it didn’t go so well, offer constructive advice on how it could be improved.

We present you with realistic expectations and market insight

As specialist consultants, we have wider market knowledge and awareness, not only in terms of news, but also regarding hiring trends and what your sector looks like.  Part of the job is ensuring candidates are paid market rate, but also being absolutely clear in terms of what you can expect when moving from role to role.

It is in everyone’s interest to get you the best possible rate/salary, but naturally there is a limit as to what you can expect, in a basic salary increase for example. 

And it’s not just the candidate who needs to be managed! Sometimes clients can be looking for something that is perhaps too specific in terms of skillset, and this is where the consultant will come in, to discuss the types of candidates on the market, and broaden their horizons.

Interview Preparation

One of the benefits of building valued relationships with clients, is we understand not only them, but also their culture, interview structure and the roles they are looking for in great detail.

Orbis consultants will prep you ahead of every interview, providing you with insight you would not have otherwise had.

We are your negotiator

There is nothing more stereotypical than the English cliché that we all hate to talk about money!

Before you even go to an interview, you will have had a detailed conversation with your consultant about the salary banding for the position, along with your expectations.  Once you’ve done the hard work, and secured the position you want, it is down to the consultant to do the rest of the leg-work for you.  Rest-assured we will always strive to get you the best possible deal, it’s in our interest as much as yours.

Here at Orbis, we talk candidates through every step of the process, helping them to understand the ins and outs of handing in notice, HR exit interviews, dealing with counter-offers and much more. 

You build a valued relationship and long-standing connection

The relationship isn’t over once you accept and join your new role.  At Orbis, we will arrange a follow up meeting when you are 3-6 months into your position, to see how you are getting on.  This allows you to raise any potential concerns or thoughts to an impartial ear. 

The most important thing when selecting which recruitment agency to use, is to make sure that you are viewed as more than just a transaction! You haven’t just invested in a relationship that you can re-visit when job-hunting again; you’ve built a relationship that, as you rise through the ranks, can help you recruit for your own team one day.


Orbis Consultants covers a broad number of clients; Tier 1 Investment Banks, Clearing Houses/Exchanges, Trading Houses and Financial Information Providers, covering a combination of markets and asset classes.