Diversity in the Workplace


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Do you consider the positive effects of a diverse workforce? 

Diversity in the workplace is a hot topic and one that can often be misconstrued as positive discrimination, which isn’t entirely fair on the hiring company. Studies have shown that a diverse workforce has been proven to be more productive than one that is far less so and it’s an area which continues to gain growing attention, and rightly so. 

I have personally spent a significant amount of time working overseas, in places such as Hong Kong, Singapore and China and during that time found myself as one of the employees offering diversity to the team. During that time I built and oversaw diverse teams, which have proven to work extremely effectively. When diverse ideas are combined, they multiply to create even better ideas - this is what makes a diverse workforce so valuable to your business. 

As a recruitment firm, we partner with a number of global companies, and our ongoing objective is always to source the very best talent for each of our clients. We have also recognised that leading employers achieve a real benefit in seeking to achieve a mix of people that reflects the diverse world in which they operate. But just getting a mix of people isn’t enough, employers must also create an inclusive environment in which diverse employees can work together, feel valued and add value to the organisation.  

Efforts to increase the number of senior women, particularly at boardroom level, have had a lot of media attention, but there is much more to workplace diversity than simply hiring more female employees. Diversity in the workplace also covers age, race, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, physical and mental disabilities, physical appearance and social background. Your workforce can also be diverse in far more ways, and when it comes to productivity, diversity in background, skills, education, experience and ideas may be what counts the most.