Start-Ups - How to stand out from the crowd and attract the best developers


Permanent, Temporary, Contract...

You're an innovative, super cool, radical, pioneering visionary company, looking to hire super wizard ninja coders - what does that even mean? 


When starting up it's important not to try too hard to be a super cool company.

You've created your very first job spec and your all excited for your very first job. That's great! But don't fall into the trap of including an infinitely long list of requirements and a vague description of how you are going to revolutionise a certain space. 

Job specs shouldn't be filled with buzzwords that are supposed to be cool. When sourcing we need to look at what you can offer. You can't rely on a company brand because you're a start-up and the company has just been created . You need to emphasize the problem that you're looking to solve and convey why your solution is the best. Peak the reader’s interest in your company before offering the idea that they can join your team and help solve this problem with you.

Most start-ups love to promote that engineers will own their own product. That’s a great thing to emphasize, but it doesn’t differentiate you from the many other start-ups looking to hire from the same pool. You need to be specific in how this new hire will fit in your team and how their contributions will help you solve the problem your start up is going to fix. 

Think about this long and hard. You have already peaked their interest when talking about your mission, now reel them in with how they are going to help you succeed.