Orbis in NYC: Day 1 and Beyond


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There were plenty of considerations when researching the prospect of setting up Orbis in the US, the economic climate being high on the agenda.

Alex Stone, a founding member of Orbis back in 2013, has been instrumental in driving the sales and development of the brand. Having successfully led the effort remotely from our London office, the decision was made to set up an office in the states and he moved over to New York permanently in December 2017.

Our first hire was Tom Langley, who has been in the US recruitment market for over six years and has become a prominent figure in financial markets technology recruitment. It is particularly pleasing for Craig Davies, Orbis Co-Founder, having hired Tom as a green-eyed grad back in 2010, linking up with him again for the third time in as many companies. 

“As someone who has worked overseas, spending 2 years living in Hong Kong, I have always been keen for us to provide a platform for international mobility amongst our team. I feel its invaluable experience to really develop yourself both professionally and as a person. Both of which are important to us at Orbis.” – Craig Davies, Co-Founder and Managing Director

Alex and Tom’s first office experiences included fridge tops, coffee shops and basically anywhere they could pop their laptops down and speak freely to clients on the phone. In their search for the new Orbis state-side base camp, they settled in Dumbo, a cool tech hub which reminded them both of Shoreditch back home in London.

Since then, the team have grown so rapidly, they have progressed from hot desking to their fourth office in eighteen months.

Within Dumbo Heights they have bumped into clients face to face and networked first hand with their co-working peers. The collaborative culture within the office helped the guys to settle in and immerse themselves with US start-ups.

That was just the start of their key successes. In New York we were registering a profit within 3 months of bring on the ground. We finished in 2018 with a strong contract book, 220% over target and with a client list that includes; Facebook, Morgan Stanley, American Express, Bank of America, Bloomberg and other brands, ranging from tech start-ups to other large corporates. 

Since then they have developed strong relationships with a skilled candidate base, inbound new business and constantly approached for partnerships too. Plus, the team share a wider wealth of experience with integral new members joining quarterly.

There’s no stopping them, the next few years hold further growth and success, with additional offices on the horizon and venturing into specialist business areas.

Safe to say we have a fantastic platform to offer new joiners and you know what, we’re hiring! You can read more information about joining the team here - Join us