Hack the Cloud Event


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Orbis Connect hosted their first Hack the Cloud event last week. Situated at the Google Start-up Campus on the edge of Shoreditch, London. Candice Dennison, our resident Cloud consultant and Dragos Crintea, Google Developer Expert lead the mini hackathon.

The event:

A steady stream of people arrived whilst Orbis were placing private friendly bets over the eventual winner (which proved to be totally fruitless)

Dragos introduced the hack and described the challenge, with a mixture of GCP technologies being used. There were 4 sections of code to hack, BigQuery GKE, Deployment Manager and App Engine.

As the hack progressed, it was increasingly more difficult as it went along. By the time they reached the App Engine solution, there were only a small number of the 30 left who were able to give it a strong attempt. This hack wasn’t for the faint hearted, and it proved to be a gripping challenge.

“I really enjoyed it, this is definitely one of the better organised hacks I’ve been to recently. It’s good to come along to these events and get different perspectives.”
– Andy Kwong, Hack the Cloud participant

After discussions over the methods used for reaching their solution, 4 winners were produced and selected by Dragos. Each winner received a goody bag which included an amazon voucher (no irony intended Google…) Followed by an array of pizza, drinks and networking.

The expert:

Dragos Crintea has 10 plus years of experience in driving cutting edge distributed architecture and data science solutions. He’s passionate about the cloud, distributed ledgers, secure multi-party computation, social good and using data to build a better world of tomorrow.

“GCP in three characteristics: outstanding technology, easy to learn and developer friendly. Building your idea to reality, starting from scratch to planetary scale has never been more easier. I personally use GCP in all my projects and every time the tools get better and better”
– Dragos Crintea, Google Developer and hack lead

We will be hosting more Hack the Cloud meetups in the new year. We’re really looking forward to welcoming new and existing members back for another challenging GCP workshop!



If you have any questions regarding the hack or GCP, please contact Candice Dennison.

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