How You Could Get GCP Certified


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The study time and amount of knowledge it takes to get GCP certified sometimes feels impossible. On average it takes someone 250 hours to be able to pass it. Personally, I wouldn’t know where to start.

Having spoken to many individuals who have passed multiple GCP certifications, one key factor is preparation. Luckily Google’s infrastructure is relatively easy to understand, making it easier for developers/enthusiasts to navigate, so it’s super user-friendly.

Google communities host almost weekly practise labs all over, these are hosted in their Start-Up labs and even smaller breakaway groups in coffee shops. These are a great place to find a ‘study buddy’, that way you can brainstorm and even work case studies together. 

Try and get a hold of as many resources as possible, do practise exams and know the types of questions they ask. Remember that doing the exam you need to ‘think like an architect’, it sounds strange, but you need to leave behind your inner developer and think of the exam as fulfilling business goals with GCP.

Luckily there are dozens of blogs and study resources about what to expect. I was lucky enough to chat to someone at Google who graciously put together a consolidation of all resources on GitHub – send us a message or email, we're happy to share the knowledge!

More than that, we will be hosting an event on Tuesday 15th  October. Come meet a Google developer expert and hack the code in a practical workshop using various elements of Cloud technologies. It will be a great night to grow some GCP knowledge and meet a few likeminded individuals on the same GCP journey.

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