How to Navigate Your First Google Next


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Last week, GCP Specialist consultant Candice Dennison attend Google Next'19 - the years biggest Cloud event across EMEA. She gave us a recount of her first time attending this exciting Google event. 

This year I was lucky enough to get a ticket for both days of the Google Cloud Next for 2019.

While anticipation grew in the coming days to the event, I had no real idea of what to expect, barring previous years pictures and write-ups.

Making the long journey to the Excel Centre (well long for me, since I don’t like in London). I arrived bright-eyed and bushy-tailed to the first day. I came prepared with bag in toe filled with business cards, pen, paper and most importantly snacks!

Candy floss machines, teddy bear picnics lunch areas… this was not Google, this was like Candy Land (pun intended).

The stakes were high, 2 days cut off from the office and the day job is a tall ask during busy season. I originally planned my 2 days well. Making use of the app for the event, navigating which stands I wanted to go to and which talks were most important and relevant.

Although about an hour into the event, all plans had been thrown. My back to back deadline of talks and mingling had turned into a scavenger hunt. From tracking down people I needed to speak to, meeting new connections, finding specific stands… it was an intense 2 days., and that’s not even taking the afterparty into consideration!

The biggest lesson I have learnt from the event, more so than comfy shoes and a Fitbit to get those step goals, is to go with it. This event had ebbs and flows, I found myself tagging along to talks I had not planned on because someone recommended it, or having a chat about the implications of the current 3% pass rate on a GCP certification - while in line to use the teddy bear machine.

Yes, you read that right, teddy bear machine.

The 2 days were filled with stands trying to grab my attention, and I realised the importance of an elevator pitch more so than ever. You’ve got to get to know your market, having technical knowledge isn’t enough in a market where its buyers’ choice.

It made me think twice about how I’m diversifying myself against the thousands of other recruiters out there, what made my pitch to candidates more attractive to them?

Because, although appealing, I don’t foresee myself investing in a cotton candy machine to lure in GCP candidates!