IR35 : What You Need To Know | Event Report


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Earlier this week, Orbis gathered London's contractors and our network for an event based on IR35 and the upcoming changes in legislation.
Hosted at the fabulous Chamberlain Hotel, we enjoyed drinks and sliders before diving into the presentation.
On the panel, we had Jeff Blakemore from ForeTwo Group, Rob Woodward from BDO and Kate Robinson from Kingsbridge. We discussed how to determine IR35 status, supply chain obligations, finance bill updates, IR35 insurance, what everyone's options are and how to best prepare. 
This was followed by an extensive Q&A session with some fantastic contribution from the audience to test our panel. 
Of course the question everyone wanted to know was 'Is IR35 going to be delayed?' 
The truth is, no one knows. However it's looking likely that it will go ahead as planned for April. Ideally people need to start preparing now so they can take time to consider their options and make the right decision. 
Safe to say there is still a lot of confusion out there but there doesn't need to be. 
Principals of IR35 are relatively simple, what's confusing are the amount of options out there for contractors and clients. There are endless articles online with guidance, but a lot of it is generic. Each situation is different due to contracts, end clients and working practices, so it's difficult to get hold of individual advice and guidance. 
We’ve partnered with ForeTwo and Kingsbridge to ensure we are compliant and provide the latest IR35 information. We would like to advise clients and contractors, going beyond basic recruitment needs and providing useful support and information. 
ForeTwo Group is a UK based umbrella, limited company accountancy and self-employed services provider. Founded on the basis of driving up standards and delivering a first-class service. 
Kingsbridge are the leading provider of insurance products to the growing contractor and freelancer marketplace. Award-winning specialist insurance brokers and risk management specialists providing bespoke insurance for recruitment and payroll companies.
The best thing to do is to reach out to your Orbis contact and we can discuss things on a case by case basis. If you would like to contact us for further information or a copy of the presentation, please reach out to me at;