JVM Wars : Who Are Orbis Going To Be Voting For?


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Orbis Connect are hosting ‘JVM Wars’ next Wednesday. A showdown between four JVM languages - Java, Scala, Kotlin and Clojure. There will be lightning talks about each of them before we open to questions from the audience. In anticipation for the event, we asked our JVM consultants what they think; 'Which one would you use for building scalable distributed systems?'

“I first came across Kotlin when started working the London market in August 2018. With only prior knowledge of the Java space, it was my first foray into the wider spectrum of the JVM and I was intrigued by the loyalty of its small but dedicated userbase.
Clearly it’s a language that is gaining more traction every day, with some exciting startups using it for their projects, and speaking to developers they enjoy the conciseness of Kotlin. I’m backing Kotlin to win!” – Sebastian Ellis

“Since moving into recruitment in June 2016 I had to quickly become knowledgeable about the JVM world. Luckily technology is genuinely of interest to me so it was easy to spend time reading up about different languages and the slight variations between them. Personally, I am backing Java here due to the power in the market and how flexible it can be when building scalable systems. More and more developments are being made to the language - when Scala came to the market and functional programming, I thought it would dominate but Java have adapted their language to be competitive with more functionality to the recent "big" release of Java 13... Furthermore, it has a lot of presence in the dev world which allows companies flexibility when hiring strong Java teams. #javaforthewin” – Aaron Shakeshaft

“Coming from a non-technical background understanding the world of JVM languages was a steep learning curve but the journey has been an interesting one after operating in this space for the past 4 years. Speaking to passionate technologists every day it really gives me some great insight into who uses which language and more importantly, why they use it. From my perspective, Scala seems to achieve a lot more with a lot less effort given it's functional nature and on top of this has a huge following of talented individuals and as a result I'll be backing Scala when it comes to the JVM battle royale!” – Matt Herselman

Let the battle commence! 

For more details about the event and to sign up, check it out on Eventbrite or Meetup: