Why is React the most reliable and popular JavaScript Framework today?


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Many successful businesses and popular apps we see on a day to day basis use React to gain the colossus attention they do. For instance - Tesla, Airbnb, Trainline and Netflix are just a few of the brands that are taking advantage of React’s Developer friendly ease of use and abilities to build an attractive user interface.

Although we can probably just believe that React is the best framework to use, simply by looking at the brands that implement it, but the finer details can really narrow down why it's preferred.

One of these would be the open-sourced JavaScript library (developed by Facebook) used for Front End Development. It isn’t a complex tool, unlike Angular, and it’s an easier learning process. This allows for faster Development which, for businesses, increases productivity.

React allows businesses to scale and build quick user-interfaces. A well-built UI is important for setting business’ apart from their competitors. A poorly designed UI that isn’t attractive to users can discourage online traffic and customers.

Back in 2014, React took off. This was known as ‘the year of expansion’ for the open-sourced library. We saw a huge increase in conferences, tours and talks all focused on React. This then had a massive knock-on affect for the amount of users in the community.

Being an open-sourced library, anyone is able to access it and supply the rest of the community with professional React tutorials and online workshops & walk-throughs. 2 years later, it has become the mainstream and go-to library for JS.