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Blameless Technical Post Mortems – Code & Create S1 E1

Technical postmortems are an essential tool for SRE. Incidents and outages are inevitable. When an incident occurs, you fix the issue and services return to normal operations, but you can have a formalised process of learning from these incidents. Left unchecked, they could occur more often and recurring issues could be easily avoidable.

On Wednesday we kicked off our new Code & Create virtual webinar series. Episode 1 of Code & Create was all about Blameless Post Mortem's. Our guest speaker Jai shared a sample post mortem and went through a retrospective analysis of a technical failure. He covered utilising a real-world and a fictional game, to look at adopting a safe, blameless engineering culture.

Jai Campbell is a GCP DevOps Engineer at Lloyds Banking Group and Community Lead for SRE Site Reliability Engineering London Meetup Group. He is an expert in Site Reliability Engineering, GCP, DevSecOps, and Cloud-Native technologies.


You can watch the event recording here and join our Connect community here.


You can access Jai’s slide deck here: 


You can connect with Jai here.


The next Code & Create episode will be next Wednesday at 12pm BST. Streaming live on LinkedIn and on our event platform Crowdcast. Make sure you sign up to our Meetup group so you don’t miss these, there’s a great line up to enjoy.