Why You Don’t Need to Enforce a Hiring Freeze


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In the current climate, with offices closed across the country and face-to-face interviews no longer taking place, more and more people are turning to video technology to maintain momentum with their hiring plans.

History has proven time and time again that the businesses who adapt to change and innovate, are the ones to prosper. Nokia who? (That poor snake, I wonder what he’s up to now…)

Don’t let the current situation hold you back from achieving your goals. Positions still need to be filled, and you can still secure great candidates and get them up and running remotely.

The companies that will be least affected by the unforeseen challenges COVID-19 has thrown at us, will be the ones that manage to maintain operations as close to BAU as possible. Don’t let social distancing stop you from securing your dream hire.

Video interviewing software is the answer to business continuity, and here’s why: 


First off, there’s no travel involved. It also means you’ll have access to candidates from further afield as they can interview from wherever and whenever, giving you a much wider pool of talent to choose from.

‘Ideal,’ I hear you say.

There’s also no time off required which is perfect for candidates who are considering their options, but who might struggle to get time off from their current roles.

With self-isolation and social distancing on everyone’s mind, the flexibility video offers is essential for combatting the repercussions of our current working situation.


We’ve all heard the phrase “Time is money” and we’re all guilty of complaining about not having enough of it. You've possibly said that you’d consider video before but didn’t have the time to explore it properly. Plus, you were successful with your current processes, so why bother?

Well, thanks to Covid-19, none of us have the luxury of meeting candidates in-person anymore. BUT that doesn’t mean you have to halt your hiring plans. It means that now is the time to explore video properly, to embrace the change and to make the best of a bad situation. 

Adding video interviewing to your hiring process increases the interview to hire ratio significantly

In many cases, gut instinct will indicate within the first five or ten minutes if a candidate is right for the role or not. With face-to-face interviews, you have no option to stop the interview but with video you do.

We can conduct your first stage interviews for you. Then we can send these back to you in a candidate shortlist for review.

So, you’ve immediately skipped a whole stage in the process. Plus, you’ve avoided needless diary coordination and saved yourself tonnes of time sitting through interviews (even virtual ones) with people you know aren’t the right fit.

The best part is, we don’t charge you any more for this service, it’s all just part of our offering.  


There’s another consideration too, the fact is, people are still hiring.

Agile businesses are determined to keep going and are not taking this lying down. If you’re not still hiring, you’re simply going to miss out on the best talent to those who still are.

The ones who are changing it up and moving forward will reap the rewards.

Everyone wants to work for people who care about their employees and who are determined not to be beaten. Introducing video to your hiring process instead of putting a stop to it ensures you’re not missing out.

Be flexible, save time, get the best talent and keep your business moving forward.


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