9 Star Wars Characters You'll Find In Your Office


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May the Fourth be with you!

An annual celebration of all things Star Wars. Where people join together to celebrate the legendary sci-fi series.

But have you ever thought about who in your office resembles some of the original trilogies most famous characters? Here are eight of our picks for every Star Wars character you’d find in your office space.

Princess Leia – CEO/Founder

The general and leader of a movement. Someone so inspiring that you will one day drop your day job as a farmhand on Tatooine for a career-changing adventure to change the galaxy, or silicon valley, either is an impressive feat.
They’ve been there from day one and despite not being a technical genius, they’re always coming up with the next innovative idea.

Darth Sidious – CTO

A figurehead of the business who has radical expansion plans but needs more manpower to put them into action. Will show signs of immense technical power when required, as well as strong arguments in favour of joining their (dark?) side. A surprisingly large number of interns have come through the business under their tenure.

Darth Vader – Engineering Manager

By order of the CTO they will enact their bidding to reach its fullest potential. Has probably been with the business a while and some battle wounds to show for it. Will one day send an email round the office so cutting that the task everyone was avoiding completing will be promptly finished by close of play.

Obi Wan Kenobi – Director of Engineering

They’ve been there a long time, so long infact that they are the default font of all knowledge and wisdom within the business, overseeing various name and logo design changes. Best not to ask too many questions though as you may hear some old stories about what times were like during the original release of Java.

Han Solo – Senior Developer

The hotshot individual contributor. They are not ready to take the step into management because they themselves cannot be managed. Inadvertently an inspiration for those around them due to their rogue nature and ability to find a solution to the most difficult problems.

Luke Skywalker – Junior Developer

The new kid on the block. They stumble in for of enthusiasm to find out the deeper meaning of a fulfilling career. Raw potential seen by one of the managers during an impromptu interview. They move through the business at a rate of knots and threaten to outshine some of the more senior members of their team.

Yoda - UX & Product Designer 

Stronger than most in their connection with the Force. The designer may sit outside technical teams but they are equally as wise and powerful. They've trained Jedi researchers for years, playing integral roles in the navigation wars, instruction of full user satisfaction, and unlocking the path to a qualitative, cost-effective and attractive product. 

C3PO + R2D2 – HR & compliance

The fearless duo who will stop at nothing to make sure the business is running at it’s most efficient – ask C3PO about the latest on IR35 and expect a lecture point by point on the government updates. R2D2 to follow up with the step by step measures you need to take – you’re not quite sure you understood everything, but C3PO heard everything perfectly.