Code & Create: Playing with JavaScript Data Structures


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For this exciting Code & Create, we looked at playing with JavaScript data structures, analysing how the different JavaScript constructions and types help us deal with a series of user case scenarios. We learnt how to apply the most convenient data structures to efficiently solve real-life algorithms. 

This workshop started with the basics and then gradually increased with difficulty. 

Watch the recording: 

The expert: Ricardo Mallols

I’m a Software Engineer with 18 years of programming experience. I’m a highly proficient Javascript / React / Angular developer, interested in standards, efficiency, automated testing and UI/UX. I have been working for multiple companies and customers in the UK, Germany, Switzerland and Spain. I’m focused on supporting underprivileged and underrepresented communities with their coding skills.

The Platform: Kodiri

Kodiri is an educational gaming platform for mobile and desktop where users learn the most in-demand coding languages by playing against each other.