2021, here we come


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Over the past seven years we built Orbis, from what was a start up with a few guys sitting in the back of a friend's office to where we are now, an international multi-brand staffing business, that we're incredibly proud of.

Over this time, we've assembled a group of people that embody exactly how we want the brand to be perceived.

Working in true partnership with our clients to create solutions that are tailored to their varied hiring needs. We're really fortunate to have some long-standing clients that have been with us for the duration of the journey, as well as some of the team that have been here since the early days.

We recently celebrated some five year anniversaries within the team and hope to see many more of those milestones in the wider team as we scale up.

Moving forward. Our vision is to be the premier source for identifying and connecting excellence within the technology sector. We're going to do this by continuing to build a team of people who embrace challenges and are committed to becoming the best version of themselves.

We got through 2020 with a variety of individual and collective successes within what was clearly an incredibly challenging and constantly changing environment for people, both professionally and personally.

At the end of last year, we asked our team to come up with their own individual goals for the year and to work towards developing habits that will help them achieve those goals.

Ultimately, we can create an environment for people to be the absolute best version of themselves. Then it's over to the individual to turn up, to commit, and we will hold each other accountable. Whether that's upwards, downwards, sideways, all the way across the business.

It's something I'm personally really passionate about, and I'm really excited by the ambition of everybody in the team.

As a business we've got an aggressive growth plan which involves new locations, new markets, a number of new faces, many of which have already been identified and whom may have already joined the business within these last couple of months.

From the hard work and endeavours we achieved last year, we've given ourselves a fantastic platform to kick off from.

We have a belief in each other and despite all the challenges that have been thrown at us, we continue to succeed.

The challenge put in front of team is to keep exceeding expectations and to see what we can achieve in 2021.