Aaron Shakeshaft

Senior Consultant


London 0203 854 0025
LinkedIn Profile

Originally from Bridgend in South Wales, I moved to London in June 2016 to begin my life in the big city.

My background is as a Primary School teacher, but soon after graduation I headed over to Byron Bay, Australia where I had a rugby contract. There, I had a job as a travel agent and loved the buzz of a sales related role, talking to interesting people and helping them with their plans.

This lead me to recruitment where there is a buzz, it's electric and I'm talking to people constantly.

Here at Orbis I work on the Development Desk working with mainly back-end developers, DevOps, Big Data Developers, Machine Learning Engineers and Data Scientists.

Outside of work I am a keen rugby player, playing both 7's and 15's, along with hunting for the best burger in London!

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My experience of working with Aaron was exceptional. From initial contact to successfully placing me into my current BI Role, he supported me in getting the job according to my terms. He went above and beyond to ensure I was prepared for interviews and provided an approachable but professional service. Highly recommended and I am really impressed with his professionalism.
Thanks Aaron!

BI SQL/.Net Developer, London Metal Exchange