Alex Perrett

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Posted 20 days ago

Senior Solution Architect



This business is an innovative IT and business consulting and solutions company for the financial services industry. They stand for technological expertise, vision and quality in everything we do. Specifically defining answers to the current constant of regulatory change – whilst innovating to meet the demands of the digital revolution. This business brings together advisory, creative and technology capabilities with innovation culture and specialist knowledge of the finance sector, to transform the clients’ businesses through a combination of both onshore and nearshore delivery capability. Role Description: As a Senior Solution Architect, you will act as an advisor to the client and apply managerial, technical and client knowledge to improve efficacy and efficiency of solutions and implementations at the businesses Retail Banking existing and prospective client base. In particular you will engage on a range of expertise areas such as API strategy, governance and execution programmes. You will look to be influential in a way which creates a consensus between various stakeholders. Whilst managing complex streams of work, you will also be designing new processes in order to ensure the solution is always taking the best practice approach through your own deep knowledge of enterprise IT architecture, leveraging the knowledge capital of the global resource network and industry best practises. Key Accountabilities Understand customer needs through documentation and personal conversations, and works closely with applicable teams to ensure the solution developed is aligned to the client needs and businesses Value Proposition. Develop solution architecture of lower complexity and document it in high-level design documents that underpin lower level design documents and costing activities. Recognise, identify and document potential areas where existing business processes require change, or where new processes need to be developed, and make recommendations. Ensure the businesses ability to implement and deliver the designed solution by working closely with the designated delivery units and gaining sign-off. Ensure that the solution is technologically sound and state of the art. Covers the technical angle in proof of concept and business approval meetings. Identify, assess and minimise risk associated with their solution and ensures that these are appropriately tracked through the risk register. Role specific skills Facilitate engagement across multiple stakeholder groups. Understanding of link between technical specialities and customer requirements. Solid understanding of industry best practices and standards. Excellent verbal, written, and presentation skills. In particular, a demonstrated ability to effectively communicate technical issues to multiple organisational levels internally and externally as needed. Solid analytical and problem-solving skills; ability to think strategically. Proactively seek to keep abreast of market trends in technology. Solid analytical and problem-solving skills/investigating skills on technical matters.

Posted 21 days ago

Business Analyst


As a business analyst, you'll work within the organisation, helping to manage change and plan for the future in line with company goals. This could be for one specific project, or as a permanent feature of the organisation. You'll need to understand the current organisational situation, identify future needs and create solutions to help meet those needs, usually (but not always) in relation to information and software systems. You'll need to demonstrate excellent understanding of the way the organisation works and the sector it operates in, as you will be helping the organisation to develop its functions, services and products to meet goals with internal and external stakeholders. You will also play a key role in communicating between internal departments and external parties, acting as a 'translator' where necessary to incorporate how information technology can support the organisation's needs. Previous Experience Requirements: Have work as Business Analyst for a retail bank organization and have develop work related to at least one of the following domain areas/products: Asset finance, PoS finance, Invoicing finance / Working Capital Finance Structured Finance Responsibilites: Communicate with internal colleagues to understand the needs of departments and the organisation as a whole; Work with external stakeholders to understand and investigate feedback into the service/function/product provided; Use data modelling practices to analyse your findings and create suggestions for strategic and operational improvements and changes; Consider the opportunities and potential risks attached to the suggestions you have made; Identify the processes and information technology required to introduce your recommendations; Gain agreement, usually from senior management, of the best method of introducing your recommendations to the business; Communicate the benefits of your recommendations across departments and help to address any uncertainty and concern; Produce written documentation to support your work, report on your findings and to present to stakeholders when necessary; Support the staff and teams in making the recommended changes, including helping to resolve any issues; Ensure plans are made and processes are created to evaluate the impact of the changes made, including taking responsibility for overseeing and reporting on this evaluation.