Alex Stone


New York Nashville +1 917 341 2036
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Originally from Southend-on-Sea and with a background in the fitness world, I moved into recruitment back in 2011, moving up through the ranks from a Graduate to Managing Consultant.  

In October 2013, I was a founding member of Orbis Consultants, helping to plug the computers in and embark on our journey to where we are today. 

I have specialized in UX recruitment for most of my recruitment career. Heading up the Global Digital team, we’ve built a reputation as the ‘go to’ specialist UX agency, within the financial domain. I’ve recently been working hard to develop our brand in the US and made the move State-side in December 2017.  

A keen foodie living in NYC, you can find me running around trying out new quirky experiences, surfing the coast somewhere in the world, or hunting down my next adrenaline ridden adventure.

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'What are the chances of a recruiter finding a random UX designer on LinkedIn that lives overseas and places them at a top tier company? 
For most it would be impossible, but not Alex. He did this for me and knowing how he works, he could do it again. Alex placed me at Bloomberg in the UX department. Here's how he made it happen: He took the time to review my work and have a detailed discussion with me about the role and my skills. He arranged appointments immediately, worked to accommodate all schedules. Alex, informed me of all the details that helped me calibrate my approach and succeed in the process. He kept me informed of every step as it happened. He negotiated well on my behalf And he kept in contact and continues to now that I am settled. Alex understands both the company and the candidate and treats them with the utmost respect, humanity and consideration. After working with him, it does not surprise me that things worked out so well.'

Senior Interaction Designer, Bloomberg LP