Ben Willder


Business, Change & Transformation

London + 44 (0)203 854 1266

At Orbis I sit on the Change and Transformation Desk, where I really enjoy speaking to genuine business people who are there to develop the organisations we work with for the better.

Before this, I graduated with a degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) from Durham University, where I spent most of my time playing sport and sharing half pints with my friends!

Having grown up in rural Devon, I made the move to London as part of my continued search for regular phone signal. This led me to Brixton, by way of three months travelling down through Central and South America - an unconventional route to urban living that I’ve really enjoyed!

In an effort to maintain fitness, I have carried on playing rugby down here – and I currently play at centre/flanker for Belsize Park with my colleague Shakey.

When not at work I try to make the most of the opportunities to travel and I support both England and Bath Rugby whenever I get the chance. That said, it’s important to stay true to your roots and I make sure to regularly maintain contact with friends and family down in Devon, be that face to face or by carrier pigeon..!


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