Fergus Previte

Consultant @ Orbis LDN + 44 (0)2037622180
LinkedIn Profile

A south Londoner through and through, you’ll rarely find me north of the river willingly. After a successful rehabilitation period after returning from my ski season I was meant to be going down the teaching route (according to my mum), though the allure of working with people and getting paid to talk was a lot more appealing.

I started working in recruitment in June 2018 and experienced some impressive highs early on (England beating Colombia on penalties) and naturally of course the lows (Kane not squaring it to Sterling) After 18 months of recruiting estate agents I wanted to see what else was out there. I joined Orbis in November 2019 where I joined the Change & Transformation team working on a whole host of roles in tech sector

Outside of work I can normally be found at Selhurst Park or skiing and in the warmer months down in Guildford playing cricket.

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