Jake Daffern



London +44 (0)7496839090
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Originally from the Shire (Derby that is), being a firm believer of throwing yourself in at the deep end (sink or swim style!) I moved to London a few years ago with a burning desire to achieve more – after spending my early days working in the Engineering world, as an Experimental Tester of Aero Engines at Rolls-Royce.

I love watching and playing football, keeping fit (gym, cycling and anything dangerous) holidays and eating out regularly. I’ll throw myself at any problem in life whether it be work or sport and cross that bridge when I get to it – mind over matter!

At Orbis, I head up the Data side of the business in the UK helping clients and candidates with Data related appointments, in a wide range of businesses within Financial Services including Investment Banks, Hedge Funds, Asset Managers, Insurers and Consultancies. I also have strong links to exciting enterprise software start-ups and innovative Fintech’s.

With a keen interest in the world of Finance, Markets, Trading and Cryptocurrency I’m always looking for the latest news to educate myself and get ahead of the curve – my inbox is always open!


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