Jesse Walker



LinkedIn Profile

Maybe the best word for Jesse is eclectic.

Jesse has a wide array of interests ranging from “guitar playing” to wine, investing, spreadsheets, and the pursuit of the perfect steak.

Though he has lived in Nashville Metro for six years now, he is still a hillbilly from the Appalachian Mountains at heart.

Before getting into the world of professional staffing in 2017, Jesse worked in the fitness industry for a decade coaching CrossFit, Weightlifting, and HIIT classes. 

Due to this passion Jesse pursued and acquired his Bachelor’s of Arts in Physical Education from Maryville College in 2014. If you’ve got a penchant for fitness physiology, Jesse loves to talk about it for hours...!

Jesse specializes in the recruitment of engineering professionals, and nothing gets him more stoked than to hear someone’s passion come out in their work.

In his free time, Jesse likes to spend time with his wife and dog, his grill, reading boring business books (and some fun ones about Quantitative Engineering), and do some coding courses here and there.

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