Joe Davies

Senior Consultant 0203 854 0015
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From a small town in Essex, I went straight into a plumbing and electrical apprenticeship from school at 16. After 5 years of changing lightbulbs, I decided to pack it all in and in 2011, I set off on a 12-month adventure. Travelling around the world, I visited almost 20 countries in the process and made some fantastic memories. 

I returned from travelling and made the conscious decision to move into recruitment and have been working in the Digital and Front-End Tech space ever since. As well as in London, my work includes working in several digital and tech hubs across Europe.   

I enjoy playing and watching football, although I’m better watching than I am playing! When there is no footy, you will either find me in the pub, on a plane, or on the sofa watching a decent film.  

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Joe is an effective recruiter. He comes across as honest, grounded and gives you support throughout the entire recruitment process, so you're never left wondering. I wish more recruiters were like him!

CSS Developer, HCL