Joe Drewett

Product Management Consultant +1 917 341 2605
LinkedIn Profile

I have spent most of my career in the marketing world and made the move from the UK to New York in 2015 to run the US arm of a global brand design agency. It was through delivering engaging and impactful campaigns for Global Fortune 100 companies, that I gained a passion for storytelling.

As the Head of Product Recruitment in the US, I hear and tell real people's stories. From relocating families to realizing job potential, everyone has a story to tell of where they have been and where they are going.

At Orbis, we don't just provide talent solutions, we help realize professional goals, we help people support growing families, we find the standout talent that will take digital experiences to the next level. I want to help our clients achieve these goals.

I'm a foodie, a life-long learner and an enthusiast for staying active. Whether, throwing myself into triathlons, representing New York at field hockey, skiing mountains or discovering a passion for HIIT with F45, I'll get stuck in.

I'm eager to hear your story.

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