Tom Langley

Associate Director


Nashville +1 917 475 0080

I grew up across the north of England and Prague until I moved to London to study at Queen Mary University of London. After graduating in summer 2010 I decided to join the recruiting industry in October focusing within the financial IT sector.
In September 2012 I made the move to NYC to help build a new recruitment office; over the span of 3.5 years we grew the business and clientele which presented the opportunity to join the financial consultancy arm of the business in April 2016.

After over a years’ service I rejoined past colleagues and friends to help build the NYC arm of Orbis Consultants leveraging my 5 years of experience in the US.

Now my journey has led me to Nashville, TN to open and grow our newest global office focusing across the Technology, HealthTech, FinTech and entertainment space.
You’ll often find me out listening to live music, playing hockey, going to car meets and escaping the city to hike, ski and explore!

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