Here at Orbis we love everything digital, always striving to find out what’s around the corner. 

We have a team of quirky experts across London, Europe and the US.  From UX/UI, Service Design, Strategy and Product Management, Creative and Mobile Technology all the way through to Digital Marketing, we know our stuff.  

With an extensive and evolving list of clients, ranging from Silicon Valley innovation labs, future thinking automotive manufacturers, right through to some of the world’s leading financial enterprises - we are helping ramp up some of the largest design agencies globally.

the creative team


Craig Davies

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Alex Stone


Kristie Craft

Principal Consultant

Joe Davies

Senior Consultant & Event Host

creative testimonials

  • Joe is always friendly and professional, as well as knowledgeable about the roles he is dealing with. He placed me in my latest contract in super quick time and was always a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommended!

    Lead UX Designer
  • From my experience, Kristie is the ideal recruiter. She not only helped guide me through every step of the recruitment process with ease, but also kept me motivated and determined. Without her encouragement, I definitely would not be at my current role today. If the day comes where I start to look for the next role, Kristie is the first person I’m reaching out to.

    Interaction Design, Bloomberg LP
  • Good recruiters are hard to come by. Kristie is the best of them. I've worked with Kristie as an individual to find my own roles. I've also work with Kristie on behalf of a company to build teams. She was excellent from both perspectives. As an individual I tend to exclusively work with Kristie. She has taken the time to understand my strengths, goals and experiences. By doing so, every opportunity she puts my way has been something I would consider. She's communicative, diligent and I trust her to represent me better than i'd trust myself to. From the perspective of a company, the leads are always strong and accurately matched to roles. Her deep knowledge of UX and Design enables her to understand, simplify and communicate exactly what it is we are looking for. Her assessment of candidates prior to introduction saves us significant time and effort. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Kristie from either viewpoint.

    Executive Design Consultant, American Express
  • Kristie does not fall into the usual recruiter category and I had a great experience working with her. She listens well and understands what you are looking for in your next role. She keeps you well informed about the process and goes above and beyond to move things if it’s not going according to the plan. Kristie really sees you through the recruitment process and checks in afterwards to ensure the role is what you expected it to be. Kristie also has a lovely personality and talking to her feels like catching up with a friend. I can’t recommend Kristie enough, she is very good at what she does and is one of the best recruiters in the industry.

    Lead UX & Product Designer

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