Battle Of The Frameworks // JavaScript // VIRTUAL EVENT

Wednesday, 1 April 2020

18:00 to 19:30

Online Event


Orbis Connect are pleased to announce ONLINE Battle of the Frameworks 

With a new JavaScript framework coming out every day (at least it feels like that!) we're getting together with experts from the industry to discuss the pros and cons of the top 3 most popular frameworks - React.js , Angular and Vue.js - for web and mobile applications. Which one is the best?

It’s the ultimate showdown. We're going to battle it out, and you can get involved.

This will be a virtual event - everyone around the world is welcome to attend!

Please sign up on Crowdcast and follow this link to attend:


6pm: Sign in and Welcome talk

6:10pm: Lightning presentations representing React.js, Angular and Vue.js

6:45pm: Panel discussion debate and Q&A 

(Make sure you get your questions added now & vote for any already asked!)

7:30pm: Close


You’ll see a representative of each framework fight their corner through lightning talks, followed by a very unique Q&A debate.

Angular, React.js or Vue.js: Which is better for your next web app project?

Which offers the best performance? Which is the most reliable?

Which one is suitable for small or large size applications?

Whether you are at the start of your career wondering which framework to learn, or you're already established - this event will give you the chance to get an insight of the 3 frameworks and potentially inspire you beyond your existing knowledge and preferences.


Panel Host:

Joe Davies

Joe is one of our OG’s at Orbis. He's been here for over 4 years! For a large chunk of that time, Joe has focused on Front End development working directly with our fintech, gaming and digital clients across London & USA. 


Speaker 1:

Marco Sanfilippo Frittola 

Weapon of choice: React.js

An advocate for quality and functional programming, passionate for continuous learning about all the latest technologies, methodologies, disciplines and practices that help engineers to succeed.

With experience from startups to global companies, I have been part of various talks regarding software development, architecture, design patterns and governance.

During academic education, I’ve also been part of talks about computer network, system security and data center architecture, along with non-profit organisations to promote engineering culture and values.

Speaker 2:

George Georgiadis 

Weapon of choice: Angular

George Georgiadis is a hands-on Tech Lead and Mentor for many developers over the past four years. He possesses a total of eleven years of experience by writing solid and optimized object-oriented code. He has been trusted by high-class clients such as John Lewis, Metrobank, giffgaff, O2, Quidco, CheckoutSmart, Telecom Plus and the Greek Ministry of Culture. A visionary who successfully used the latest technologies inspiring teams, deploy best practices and collaborates with stakeholders to deliver innovative and high volume online projects.

Speaker 3:

Callum Macrae 

Weapon of choice: Vue.js

Callum Macrae is a developer and occasional musician based in London, UK, with a passion for using JavaScript to solve complicated problems. His current favourite things to work with are Vue and SVGs (but only sometimes at the same time). He is the author of Vue.js: Up and Running, a book about getting started with Vue. He can be found on Twitter and GitHub as @callumacrae.