JVM Wars // Java, Scala, Kotlin, Clojure // Orbis Connect London

Wednesday, 20 November 2019

18:00 to 21:00

Orbis HQ, London


Orbis Connect are pleased to announce ‘JVM Wars’ 

Java | Scala | Kotlin | Clojure: Which one would you use for building scalable distributed systems?

It’s the ultimate showdown. We're going to battle it out and y o u can get involved.


6pm: Sign in, Networking, Drinks and Pizza
6:30pm: Welcome
6:45pm: Lightning talks representing Java, Scala, Kotlin & Clojure
7:30pm: Panel discussion, Q&A and Audience Vote
8pm: Networking and Drinks

Event Host:

Aaron 'Shakey' Shakeshaft - Senior JVM Consultant, Orbis -

Speaker Profile 1:

Kotlin speaker Tom Reay - CTO and Co-founder of Flux 

Since founding the company in 2017, Tom has built Flux from scratch and built a talented tech team around him. Most notably, Tom has overseen the technical integration with banks such as Monzo, Starling and Barlcays Launchpad as well as retailers such as Costa, Pod and KFC. Prior to founding Flux, Tom was the first employee at Revolut where he created the underlying technology and architecture behind the FX engine.

Speaker Profile 2:

Java speaker Omar Bashir - Associate Director at IHS Markit 

A hands-on engineering manager of a team of Java developers at a leading FinTech firm, IHS Markit, where he has / is successfully doing a monolith to microservices transformation. Omar has built, scaled and led global cross functional teams. Using international professional experiences and cultural insights, successfully organised globally distributed development and operations of technology
He holds a PhD from Loughborough University with a wealth of experience leading architectural designs, implementation and build of complex distributed systems both in the cloud and on-premise, help by his diverse experience within finance, telecommunications, logistics, defence and more.

Speaker Profile 3:

Scala speaker Ben Parker - Lead Scala Engineer at needsTyping 

Ben Parker is a Technical Lead with 8 years of Scala development experience along with over 20 years in the software industry. He has spoken at Scala Days, is a founder of the Leeds Scala meetup and is very active in the Scala community.

After discovering Scala in 2011 and being able to deliver code in far less time than with Java, he took the decision not to return to Java. This allowed him time to scuba dive and read Scala books on the beach while waiting for the industry to cotton on to the benefits of the language.

He is passionate about refactoring, delivering quickly with quality and reducing blockers from the pipeline.

Speaker Profile 4:

Clojure speaker Juliano Alves - Senior Software Engineer at TransferWise 

Juliano is an open-source enthusiast, a firm believer that the future belongs to polyglot and functional programming.

Hailing from Brazil, we have been lucky to have Juliano sharing his passion for technology here in London since 2016, previously working for Capital One and prior to TransferWise. A practitioner of Agile methodologies delivering high-quality composable and testable code.

At uSwitch he was responsible for changes to their complex architectures written with Clojure. With knowledge commercially of Scala and Java he can battle hard for the Clojure corner.

Instagram: @orbisconnect


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