SRE & DEVOPS: How do they fit together?

Wednesday, 30 September 2020

13:00 to 14:00

Online Event



Join us for this panel discussion about SRE & DevOps, how do they fit together?

We will be exploring how these roles are defined, if they have changed over time and if the two disciplines are still separate.

In collaboration with The London SRE Group, we will be joined by industry leaders within the SRE & DevOps space for this free live virtual panel talk.

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) is the practice of balancing the velocity of development features with the risk to reliability.

SRE is an implementation of DevOps so they are a natural fit, one allows the other to progress and they both share many common underlying fundamentals. Culture and the engineering culture will dictate the form of DevOps and SRE a company makes.

Defining whether DevOps and SRE are separate is a hot topic, ultimately they are, despite sharing a few common aspects, there are key differences between SRE and DevOps and in the implementation of both... but what do you think?

Panel speakers:

Rupert Willard - Global Head of Application Infrastructure SRE & Ops at Morgan Stanley

Rupert has worked at Morgan Stanley for 20 years. During that time he has been part of an ongoing evolution of technology practices, from waterfall to Agile, from ITIL to DevOps, from outsourcing to insourcing, from build to buy, now embracing a Cloud-first strategy. Using SRE practices Rupert believes it is possible to successfully balance fast feature delivery with high product reliability at a lower cost of operational support.

Ron De Giorgio - Head of Reliability Engineering (Chapter Lead) at Direct Line Group

Ron recently joined Direct Line Group as Head of Reliability Engineering (Chapter Lead), previously Head of Platform Engineering at 10x Future Technologies. A cross-functional technical leader with a proven track record of delivering the right customer-focused results within Site Reliability Engineering.

Marc Andrew - DevOps Manager, Adstream

Marc currently heads up the Adstream DevOps team, responsible for Adstream’s AWS infrastructure, which enables over 100,000 businesses in the ad industry to manage, store and deliver their advertising content in 141 countries across the world. Marc led the team to be recognised at the 2019 DevOps Industry Awards, as winners of the “Best Overall DevOps Project – entertainment/Media Sector" award.

Marc has been working in media and IT for almost 20 years, working for the BBC, Red Bee Media, and Sky, before moving to Adstream in 2019. He has been leading DevOps and SRE teams for 5 years and is passionate about DevOps culture and technologies, and their capacity to solve real and important problems within software development and delivery.

The London SRE Group:

An open group to collaborate on projects, share ideas, experience and opinions on implementing SRE. This group was set up with the intention for those interested in understanding more about the world of SRE.